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About Us

Intuitive Biosciences has world-class scientists and proprietary development platforms allow us to rapidly develop custom in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products and immunoassays. 

Commitment to Excellence

As a small company, we strive to give our customers our undivided attention and provide unparalled customer service and support. We strive to follow our "Commitment to Excellence," which state that our employees are:

  • Customer-focused: we make conscientious decisions centered on our customer's need and expectations.

  • Accountable: we make and keep our commitments.

  • Have Integrity: we adhere to values and behavior standards in a steadfast manner.

  • Respectful: we show consideration and appreciation independent of status, cultural diversity, or disagreement.

  • Communicate: we actively participate in communication that encourages effective information sharing in a respectful manner throughout the organization.

Meet the Intuitive Biosciences Team

Our Executive Team
    • Shawn Guse, CEO. Shawn brings decades of leadership of high tech companies to the Intuitive Biosciences team

Our Research Team
    • Bill Patterson, PhD. Director of Research and Product Development. Bill brings decades of immunoassay experience, microarray development, and biochemical know-how to direct development of current and future products at Intuitive Bio. Learn more about Bill…

    • John Bart, PhD. Manufacturing Manager. As the head of manufacturing, John supervises all production and quality control of Intuitive Bio's products. Learn more about John…

    • Kim Luke, PhD. Director, Commercial Development. Kim focuses on managing the current and future products and custom projects using Array Immuno Multiplexing platform. Learn more about Kim…

Intuitive Bio's Research and Manufacturing Facilities

  • Class 1,000 Clean Room Manufacturing Suite

  • Class 10,000 Clean Room Microarray Production Suite

  • Biosafety Level II rated research facilities